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Light Duty Wrecker

2023 IWS Signature Series™ Ford F-550
Super Cab' 408T Twin Line Wrecker

Stock#: 3536

Arriving August 2023

IWS Has always tried to keep our customers at the forefront of technology and safety. Over 20 Years in this business has taught us that designing and building the best trucks we can, is the key to not only success but our customers success as well. With all that being said, we are proud to offer the IWS Signature Series of custom designed Towing Chassis.

IWS is one of the nation’s leading dealer of New, and Used Tow Trucks for Sale, Self-Loading Wreckers, Flat Bed Car Carriers, Roll Backs and Side Pullers. We have been in the same location for over 20 years. We have been serving customers in Idaho, Nevada, California, Montana, Utah, and Washington.  In fact, we’re serving customers throughout the USA and countries like Trinidad in the West Indies!  When you are looking for a dealer to help you choose the right new Flat Bed Car Carrier Tow Truck or Wrecker; we have the industry knowledge to help you make an informed decision. We offer some of the nations best New and Used Tow Trucks for Sale.   


Idaho Wrecker Sales Customers’ have won numerous awards for the design of Custom Tow Trucks, Custom Car Carriers.  Many of our Customer’s New Tow Trucks have been featured on the Front Page of Many Industry Leading Magazines like the American Towman Magazine. We are the company that developed THE SP8000, Sp9000, SP12,000 and SP20,000 Side Puller. In fact, we have a US Patent for the design.  If you are looking for Financing on your new or used tow Truck, Car carrier, Roll Back or Wrecker, we can help with our simple Online Credit Application.


Our Roots run deep within the Towing Industry.  In fact, our Founder Chuck Ceccarelli was inducted into the Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame in 2010.  In 2008, He was named “Towman of the Year” by American Towman Magazine.  In 1999, he was named “WreckMaster of the Year” by Donnie Cruse.  Simply stated–We know and Understand Towing!


Along with Tow Trucks; we also offer ATC Aluminum Enclosed Car Trailers. We felt that the ATC Trailer Brand would really offer our customers even more choices in vehicle transportation services. From our single-car ATC Aluminum Trailers to our ATC Aluminum Stacker Trailers that allows for the transport of multiple vehicle — IWS SALES has you covered; all in one convenient place!


(Note) Chassis and Tow Body, equipment along with other vendor supplied items / specifications are subject to change without notice. For the most accurate Specifications please see actual quote.

Standard Chassis Features

  • 6.7L Power Stroke – 330HP
    • Push Button Exhaust Brake
  • 10-Speed TorqShift Automatic Transmission
  • 19,000 Lbs. GVWR
  • 88 Rear Ratio
  • 5 Gallon Midship Fuel Tanks
  • Forged Polished Aluminum Wheels
  • (2) 78-AH 750 CCA Batteries
  • 332-Amp Alternators
  • Engine Block Heater
  • Opal Gray Vinyl Interior
  • Full Width Rear Bench Passenger Seat
  • Power Windows / Power Door Locks / Cruise Control / Power Heated Mirrors
  • AM/FM/WB/CD/Bluetooth Radio with Front Auxiliary/USB Inputs
  • Daytime Running Lights
  • 17-GPM Clutch Pump
  • Power Up Switch Panel


(Note) Chassis and Tow Body, equipment along with other vendor supplied items / specifications are subject to change without notice. For the most accurate Specifications please see actual quote.


Standard Body Features

  • Chevron Renegade 408T Twin Line Wrecker
    • 8 Ton Retracted/6 Ton Extended Boom Capacity
    • Dual 9,000lb High Speed Planetary Winches ** IWS Added Option
    • Air Free Spool ** IWS Added Option
    • Winchline Tensioner with Roller Guide Fairlead
    • 100ft of 3/8” Winchline
    • Hydraulic Rear Stiff Legs
    • 24” Tunnel Box
  • Chevron Wheel Lift
    • 4,000lb Rating
    • Ratcheting Wheel Lift Tie Downs Included
    • Can Be Equipped with Auto-Grip II Crossbar System
      • Trailer Ball Adapter for AGII Crossbar **IWS Added Option
  • IWS Performance Upgrades
    • Stainless Heat Shrink Weather Proof Electrical Connectors** IWS Exclusive Option
    • Electrical Connections Treated in Corrosion Resistant Material** IWS Exclusive Option


Standard Lighting Features


    • IWS Designed Marker Light Strobing System™ ** IWS Exclusive Option
    • E.D. Marker Lights
    • E.D. Stop – Turn – Tail Light
    • E.D. Rear Lower Work Lights (Switched) ** IWS Added Option
    • E.D. Strip Lighting inside Tool Boxes (Switched) ** IWS Added Option


  • IWS Swept Wing Pylon with Built-in Light Bar ™ ** IWS Exclusive Option
    • This custom Lightbar uses Towmate’s Power Link technology
    • Includes (20) Individual LED Light Modules for an awesome strobe bar
    • Includes built in directional arrow stick on the rear with left, right, or center out functions.
    • Includes rear LED brake, turn and tail lights.
    • Includes (2) LED Work lights that can swivel 360 degrees to light your work area.
    • The IWS swept wing lightbar offers higher visibility from multiple angles
    • Includes Mirrored Stainless Steel Insert Panels for that Bitchin Look


IWS Installed Items

  • Other Available Options:
    • 2 ½ Ton Hybrid Racing Floor Jack ** IWS Added Option
    • Dry Deck Mating Installed Inside Tool Boxes ** IWS Added Option
    • Shackle Rack ** IWS Added Option
    • Lug Wrench Bracket with Lug Wrenches** IWS Added Option
    • 4 Gallon Trash Can and Mounted on Deck ** IWS Added Option
    • 5 Gallon Liquid Container and Mount on Deck ** IWS Added Option
    • ITD Wrecker Broom and Shovel Mounts ** IWS Added Option
    • ITD Wrecker Cone Mounts ** IWS Added Option
    • ITD Wrecker Dolly and Axle Mounts ** IWS Added Option

This Floor plan may show optional features that are not on every unit.

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*Please note that due to changes at factory, specifications, dimensions, features, and options may change at anytime without notice*

Due to continued improvement, changes in suppliers and design; features, options, appliances, equipment, colors, material specifications, prices, and model availability are subject to change without notice.

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