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We know your quality of life
depends on the quality of truck we build.


Here at IWS, we understand the importance of keeping your truck on the road for your business. That’s why we created the IWS Advantage Package. The IWS Advantage Package is only available to our customers who buy their trucks from IWS. We wanted you to know that we will be with you long after sale is complete, and you made the right choice.

In The Ditch™ Dolly Axle Mount Service Bulletin!

In The Ditch™ has released a service bulletin in regards to their Dolly Axle Mounts. If you have any of these First Generation Axle Mounts: ITD1026, ITD1027, ITD1242, (Without Axle Guard) Please contact In The Ditch ASAP to receive a free upgrade to the Gen II Axle Guard. This is a very simple upgrade that easily bolts to current mounts! You can Find more information in the link below!


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