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Why Buy a Super-C Motor Coach?

Stand out from the Crowd There’s something special about a person that wants to break away from the norm and get exactly what they want. Our Customers tend to want to do things their way. They don’t want to be caught up in mainstream cookie cutter RV’s. They want the ultimate in Performance Safety and Comfort. The best way to achieve that is by building your next coach as a Class C.


The Super C Motor Coaches we design with our customers are meant to be driven. We use Freightliner, Peterbilt, Kenworth, Western Star and Volvo Million Mile Chassis. These chassis are designed to be driven over the road day in and day out hauling incredible loads for millions of miles. They were designed for “those who make their living on the road”.  These chassis have incredible power, load carrying abilities and drive-ability. Let’s also not forget about their incredible stopping power. When you order your coach with one of these chassis you are getting an incredible platform to build your coach on. You get a chassis designed to last for decades and to be driven for thousands upon thousands of miles. In fact, we say the worst thing you can do to your Renegade or Show Hauler Motor Coach is to not get out and drive them.


  • Engine choices up to 600 HP
  • Transmissions from 6 Speed automatic to 13 speed Ultra Shifts.
  • True Engine Braking capabilities
  • Air Disc Brakes with Air-Operated Parking Brakes.
  • Full Air Ride Rear Suspension
  • Load Carrying Capacity ratings from 26,000 GVW to 50,000 GVW.
  • Towing Capacities up to 40,000 lbs.


Super C chassis drive and feel like you’re driving a luxury pickup. The view, the ride and the experience is relaxing and enjoyable.

Most people feel the ride of a Super C coach is nicer than in a Class A. The main reason is that on a Class A coach you sit on top of, or in front of the front axle and tires. Not only does that make for a rougher ride it makes for a different driving sensation that many people do not like. With a Super C Chassis, you set behind the front axle and wheels just like in a pickup. The road vibrations go into the axle, suspension and engine compartment and not up through your seat.

Safety, many people feel safer with the engine out front. Looking out over the hood is much more natural to drive then a bus type coach is. Many of our customer say the transition from driving their pickup and then driving these Renegade or ShowHauler is second nature as the driving experiences are similar.
100% of our customers say they prefer driving a Class C over a Class A hands down.


When you choose a class 8 chassis you are now in a new league of service. Most of the service centers for large over the road truck “Super-C-Chassis” are open 7 days a week 24 hours a day. These service center really know how to keep you on the road. That’s their job, to keep America freight trucks rolling.

Servicing the engine is as easy as opening the hood. It’s easy to check the oil, inspect the belts, or top off fluids. All these features make owing a Super C an easy choice.

Breakdowns. Super C Motor Coaches are much easier to tow then are Class A coaches. Most Class A Motorhomes must be hauled on a specialized trailer meaning long waits and expensive tow bills.

Engine and transmission repairs are much easier with Super C and much less intrusive. The mechanic works under the hood not inside your home.

Many smaller cities do not have the ability to work on Class A coaches, or lack the specialized training to do so. Conversely, most towns have a mechanic that can work on most any, truck-type chassis.

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