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We know what its like to depend on our equipment to make a living. We started out as Valley Towing making our living the same as you, risking it all out on the hi-ways. We truly know how critical it is that your truck stays in service. We know that your quality of life depends on the quality of truck we build and we take that responsibility serious. Our commitment to our customer and the towing industry is unwavering. Our past record speaks for itself. Our staff includes an International Towing Hall of Fame Inductee, A WreckMaster lead Instructor, A Towman of the Year recipient, an International Towman of the Year recipient, winner of the Idaho Spirit of Continuous Improvement Award, we hold US Patents for numerous towing equipment inventions. We helped found the Idaho Towing Association and support the International Towing Museum and Hall of Fame in Chattanooga TN. But above all we are a company that you and your family can count on.

-Chuck Ceccarelli
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